Beginner’s WriteBase

Chapter 6
Types of Writing

  • Narrative

This can be fiction or non-fiction. The main goal of narrative writing is to unravel a story containing characters to whom events happen.

  • Descriptive

Carried within fiction, poetry and diaries. Its purpose is to go in depth within the description of a setting, event, appearance of a character or atmosphere, so that all the Five Senses of the reader are to be activated and used to influence their own emotions. This type of writing is not easy to implement but does allow a broad range of opportunities for writers.

It is strongly recommended for Descriptive and Narrative writing to be mixed in balance.

  • Expository

Found in the journalism world and academia. Its purpose is to inform the reader about facts separate from the author’s personal views and opinions, unless we’re talking about the Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Rooster or Orange Man Bad.

  • Persuasive

Found in job applications and advertising. The idea of persuasive writing is to create a gripping atmosphere that would influence the reader with strong argumentation. Expression of personal opinion is highly present with ample amounts of evidence-given, so agreement can be achieved between the reader and the author’s words.