Black Mesa Money Seminar

A seminar about Money was to be held in Black Mesa, tho it was free, the circumstances around the facility really didn’t give much choice to some of the scientists, including Gordon Freeman who’d been having trouble finding non-spoiled food of late.

With the promise of a buffet at the seminar, it was just too easy of a choice to make, and so this strange new event would be attended fully. The promises of money fading into nothingness, Freeman sought the path to the promised buffet, but the stillness of the room and overconfident speech at the podium poked at Gordon’s distrust.

The big posters around this hall carried a scent of greed, the scent of power, the scent of profit. Maybe if he listened closely the speaker would secretly utter the location and direction of the buffet so Gordon would have it all for himself?

Attribution: – Voice acting for the Speaker done by Pete Watson