Video to GIF – How to

Make your local Video to GIF converter for full fps, size and quality control without the hassle of online bugginess and slowness. Can be used offline, online, under a bridge or on a skyscraper.

XnShell – Shell Menu for Windows

If you’ve ever wanted to quickly convert a picture into a different format, resize it, rotate it and so on, then XnShell can make all that…

Remove Duplicates – LibreOffice Calc

You have 2 lists, but the 2nd list contains duplicates from the 1st, so naturally you’d want to remove them. In LibreOffice Calc you can do that via the Filter tool.

GIMP Basics

Got any photos you want to edit? Want to have fun with digital imagery manipulation? GIMP is an excellent bit of software and is free to use.

Source Filmmaker Toolbox – SFM

Source Filmmaker (SFM) is a handsome tool for animation, especially for starters. But this abandonware tool based on the Source engine, mainly Team Fortress 2, has a great deal with problems that haven’t yet been solved, and probably will never be.


Extra tips and tricks for optimizing your S2FM animation experience by changing colors, adjusting rigs and changing animation sequence names.

S1FM to S2FM Porting

Learn how to port assets from Source Filmmaker to Source 2 Filmmaker. Following this guide you can repeat the same steps and port your favourite models onto the fresh software or S2FM.

Is S2FM for ME?

Half Life Alyx gave the release to the newest Source 2 Filmmaker (S2FM) that has more control and flexibility than its older brother: the Dota 2 version. Here we’re given access to all the HLA content in regards to maps, models and textures.

Should I Learn Blender?

So what can you do in Blender? Well, you can make 3D models, animations both 2D (Grease Pencil) and 3D, rendering, compositing (VFX), motion tracking, rigging and…