How Eli Lost his Leg

The long awaited answer for the question to how Eli Vance lost his leg is finally upon thy screens.

Many had theorized that the limb accident had occurred after the Resonance Cascade, but classified footage of the Mini Cascade from the Black Mesa Research Facility showed a different reality that would confuse and infuriate those who would see it.

The facility was quick to give him a high quality prosthetic leg as to hide the aftermath of the accident, tho that would be but a whimper against the wind’s upcoming storms.

One could say it made no sense for Eli to lie about how he lost his precious limb. But the truth wasn’t further from the fact that thinking about the wretched Black Mesa facility wasn’t good on Eli’s mental health and the fact that he had known about the Xen creatures and teleportation, yet had not done enough to prevent the Cascade and the following invasion of Earth.