What IF HL2 Characters were STREAMERS

HL2 Streamers be like
HotTub Vorti

What would HL2 characters stream to the public? How different would they be than our current culture of streamers who’re roaming in the wilds?

Barney Calhoun loved Counter Strike Global Offensive, or CSGO, as his skill and reflexes, as well as adrenaline, would push him up the ranks to Global Elite.

Arne Magnusson on the other hand wanted only one thing: attention. So he would disguise his streams as ones for science, while attributing great amounts of viewers who’d say oddly positive things about him.

Alyx Vance found herself a hobby in yoga as her urban adventures in City 17 brought great agility in her body, so she decided to share those skills for those who’d like to get in shape.

Dr Wallace Breen didn’t change much of his broadcasting habits, yet he didn’t stray away from accepting… generous donations, despite his total control over Earth.

Eli Vance and Isaac Kleiner would have heated arguments about the morality of what they were doing with teleportation, yet as they couldn’t agree with each other they decided to show their arguments to the world in help of finding the answer.

Father Grigori was still roaming Ravenholm, yet somehow he had managed to get an internet connection and raise funds for his church whose followers were mostly… well zombies. In a way, it sounded like he wanted to convert the viewers to join him as well…

Gordon Freeman finally found a way out of his choiceless existence in the great forests of Rust, where he could build himself a home and just escape from all his troubles, yet without even wanting, fame had caught onto him wherever he’d go.

Male03 wanted to try streaming, if it’d work for him, yet not only was it appearing to fail but the blasted Source Hammer just rioted without reason.

Judith Mossman had found a way to easily get people to watch her, by just watching other streams while eating wide arrays of food.

It somehow just… worked. Laszlo, the greatest mind of his generation, had managed to enter the world of chess and was now showing off his skills to the world in this C17 Championship.

G-Man on the other hand had a hobby no one suspected, a hobby he had not practiced for a while, so when one day craving caught his pencil, he decided to show the world how awesome he is.