Lies of the Modern World

The age of the snake oil scheme has passed into history, but with the great haste of information and constant change of our world, this stagnation in knowledge and understanding proved to be a catalyst of ignorance. And with ignorance came the new masters of deception who’d make the snake oil salesman proud.

We’ve all heard that new is good, but in confusion arises the gap of defenselessness. Knowing what to look out for, you can scrutinize the fake gurus and public speakers for any red flags that can occur during their moments of persuasion.

While we’re only scratching the surface, cryptocurrencies have flooded the world of the Internet and have taken everyone by storm: especially the big player Bitcoin and its sidekick Ethereum. You might see a bubbling opportunity, but before you proceed with any action you must understand the dangers of these virtual coins and the marketing around them.

Formal education has always been looked at as the only way to enlightenment and opportunities, but nowadays it has turned itself rotten from inside, as capitalism has just ruptured the purpose it once carried.

Should we expect much from our careers, from our potential pensions, or are they just an illusion from the old world where things never really changed much?

The stock exchange is fabled to carry immense wealth to those who play it, but is it much different than entering a casino or the lottery? How distinct is it than an obscured tax on those unsuspecting?

In this guide you will have the chance to grasp all of the schemes and learn how to defend yourself, including those around you! For the world is huge and ever-changing and letting your guard down is but the first step for the downward spiral of mistakes.