Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

This streaming software can make all your ideas for live streaming come true, while creating the possibility of using the broadcasted footage for YouTube videos. It supports mp4 and flac codecs, and is reliable to the marrow.

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It may be the most powerful tool in the market, a tool of broadcast, a tool of recording. Its free nature is the most alluring nugget of gold in the river of opportunities. We personally use OBS for our videos, as it does an outstanding job of capturing with top quality.

Using your graphics’ processor power (GPU), OBS composes scenes together to result in the fluid motion of video. You can tweak the encoding settings and find the best setting for your desires of recording.

Multiple scenes can be set, and you can manipulate what can be seen on the screen and what cannot. Audio can be reduced, muted or given filters of improvement. There’s no going around it, best broadcasting and recording utility everyone should have.