1. Context and Interpretation
        1.1. Welcome to Inlet’s Terms of Contract. This “TOC” sets out the regulations and terms which govern, and are in legal operation, over the users of Inlet’s Services, and us, Inlet; and defines the relationship between Inlet and any individual, organization or group who hires Inlet for any form of service, in terms of copyright, payment, cancelation, booking, and so on. Please be advised that [8] (and all containing clauses) applies to all visitors or users of Inlet’s website, or associated websites, as set down in [8.1].
        1.2. This document might make hiring Inlet to work for you sound like a very difficult or long-winded process. Please rest assured that the process is simple, and streamlined, but that it is a legal necessity for us to have the process written out fully, with all conditions and clauses laid bare. In reality, hiring Inlet is as simple as filling an order form to tell us what you want, talking it over briefly, and paying the Fee.
        1.3. In commissioning Inlet for one of its writing, editing or analytics Services, you will have needed to have filled-out our Service Order form located at our Services page and at any of the pages of the specific services. By ticking the “I have read and agree to Inlet’s Terms of Contract” checkbox in the Order, you confirm that you have read and understood this TOC and that you agree to all points without reservation.
        1.4. In these Terms of Contract:
            1.4.1. The terminology defined in these Terms of Contract, and all associated documents, shall have no other meaning but what is set forward in this section. These terms will be differentiated from incidental uses of the same word by means of capitalisation, except when expressly stated otherwise. To this extent, “fee” refers to the payment made in exchange for goods or services, whereas “Fee” shall refer to the explicit definition laid out in [1.4.7].
            1.4.2. “Terms” shall refer to this document, Inlet’s Terms of Contract, in its most recent state. Any recent changes in the Terms of Contract will be noted at the top of this page. Any Contracts formed, before the Terms are changed, will remain bound to the Terms, as they stood, at the time of the creation of the Contract.
            1.4.3. The terms “We”, “Us” and “Our”, whether capitalized or non-capitalised, shall synonymously refer to Inlet, its Services, content, personnel and so on.
            1.4.4. The “Client”, “You” and “Your”, whether capitalized or non-capitalised, shall refer to the individual, organisation or group who, or which, has employed Inlet’s Services, and are in the receipt of the Product. In cases where these are not the same individual, group or organization, (perhaps, for example, as the document for ‘editing’ is the property of another group, or the poem being commissioned will be gifted to another individual, et cetera) then the term ‘Client’ shall apply to ‘either’ or ‘both’, depending on the context and relevant legal standing.
            1.4.5. The “Services” refers to any of the Editing, Writing or Analytics ‘facilities’ (provisions, assistances, et cetera – defined at each Service’s webpage on the official website) which Inlet has been employed to perform by a Client, alongside any bespoke Services which may be requested and created by the Client, and any other form of provisions Inlet either does, has or will later provide to a Client.
            1.4.6. The term “Contract” will refer to the individually specific arrangement we (Inlet) and you (the Client) will make and agree upon after you have completed and submitted the Order form mentioned in [1.3]. Please take care to note that “Contract” does not refer to this document, which is the “Terms” (Terms of Contract, which apply, generally, to all aspects of Inlet and employing Inlet’s Services).
            1.4.7. “Fee” refers to the payment/remuneration the Client will be contractually obligated to pay to Inlet for us to begin work on the Services awaiting render, as set out in the Contract.
            1.4.8. The “Product” refers to the resultant, ‘completed’ commission (document, flowchart, material, et cetera) which Inlet creates as a result of the Client employing one of our Services. The Product is the result of the Contract, and is the artefact the Client is making to purchase when paying the Fee.
            1.4.9. The “Order” is the application form or written enquiry ‘questionnaire’ on our website, be it the application/order form for a Writing, Editing or Analytics Service.
            1.4.10. Any number set within square brackets [such as this] is a reference to one of the clauses in these Terms, with the number within the square brackets being a reference to the numbers marked at the start of every clause. To this extent, [2.1.1] refers to the article two (2), clause one (1), sub-clause one (1) below, starting: “Inlet cannot be held accountable for...” and all of the content of that paragraph. It may also contain a URL web address.
        1.5. These Terms apply both to Inlet and the Client at all times; the Contract becomes binding, both to Inlet and the Client, upon the Fee being paid by the Client.
    2. Provision of Services
        2.1. The process of employing Inlet’s services begins by filling out the Services Order form referred to in [1.3]. However, in filling out and submitting this, you implicitly accept that you have read and understood the specific ‘function’ (workings, procedure, purpose, et cetera) of the Service(s) you have asked for in the Order, and that it is for that Service you wish to employ Inlet to provide.
            2.1.1. Inlet cannot be held accountable for providing a Service it was not the Client’s intention to employ us to do, and will offer no refund if a Service is selected and paid for erroneously.
        2.2. After you have filled-in and submitted the Services Order, including your name (or pseudonym), e-mail address, the category of Service you wish to employ Inlet to do and so forth, this information will be sent to Inlet.
        2.3. We will then review the answers given, look at the documents (if any) included in your submission, and decide how long we project it will take us to complete the requested Service, and at what Fee we will do such for, before e-mailing this information to you (to the e-mail address which was stated in the Services Order).
        2.4. We may opt to withhold announcing our projected Fee and time required (or delay from making a judgement) to begin with, if there are points within your answers in the Order, or in an attached document, which we require clarification upon before being able to accurately determine a Fee and time required.
        2.5. After receiving our initial e-mail, it will then be your opportunity to add to and rectify any points made in the brief submitted in the Order (if one was submitted), to give a greater explanation of the Services desired, or the nature of the document itself (if needed), to ask questions, and so on.
        2.6. It is your right and privilege to be able to argue against the Fee suggested by Inlet, so long as you have a genuine reason to believe the suggested Fee to be unwarranted for the Services desired; also, at this time, if not asked for in the Services Order, you can request to have your commission taken as ‘urgent’ and/or to have it taken as ‘Ghostwriting’ if desired [5.5.2].
        2.7. Once we (Inlet) and you (the Client) have reached an agreement and understanding about the time required, Fee, brief of creation, Services desired, and so on (or if you are happy with the proposition as it appeared in the initial e-mail), then we will write what Inlet and the Client have discussed in a Contract.
        2.8. The next step for the Client is to agree to the Contract. This is done by paying the Fee. Paying the Fee, objectively, is the cost of making the Contract binding and valid, and it is then the Contract, which binds Inlet to carry out, and provide, the Services written within it. All of article [4] is concerned with the payment of the Fee. After the Fee is paid, Inlet will begin work on the Service, to the specifications of the Contract and these Terms.
        2.9. The medium by which the Product, design brief, original text, or other associated documents, provided for Inlet’s completion of the Service(s) or otherwise, are defined as follows:
            2.9.1. The completed Product, and associated documents of Inlet’s creation, will be sent to the Client via the e-mail address given in the Services Order, unless specified otherwise in the Contract.
            2.9.2. Editing Service Products will usually be in the same file type as the original document was sent. Writing Service Products, and some Analytics Service Products will be sent to you as a “.docx” file, though other file types can be provided, should such be stated in the Contract (see [7.1.6]). The Product can also be sent in a ‘plain text’ format, on request.
            2.9.3. The “Visualisation” Services (for plot, characters, et cetera), will be sent in a “.png” file where viable, which may not be in full resolution owing to issues of file size, but will be sent alongside the original “.graphml” file, which can be opened in ‘yEd’, the software used to create it. Inlet has permission to use this software for commercial purposes, as per the Terms of Service of the software, found at [yed.yworks.com/support/qa/8]. Inlet cannot offer installation, use, or troubleshooting advice on this software.
            2.9.4. The Client’s ‘document’ (for editing, for example), design brief, or any other such related document that it is necessary for Inlet to access in order to complete the Service, can be sent to Inlet via the ‘Attach Files’ section of the Services Order. After reviewing the information, we will contact you.
            2.9.5. Inlet will not be held responsible for any omissions in the Product, which are caused by the requested file type the Product is to be created in; these omissions will not count as an infringement of the Contract, or these Terms.
        2.10. Quantity of Free Samples, Inlet can provide a single client, are limited to the judgement of Inlet. The copyright upon the content provided by a free sample remains to Inlet, but Inlet provides the freedom for the Client to use the free sample as they choose to, yet Inlet reserves the copyright and has the final word, unless the Client decides to use fiat or digital currency to buy the rights off Inlet and retain full ownership.
    3. Basis of Contract
        3.1. The Contract defines the exact nature of what Inlet will provide for you, the exact Fee and the projected time required for the Service to be completed. It will contain a brief overview of everything of notable importance (which could not be reasonably assumed to be obvious, such as, for example that the document will be written in English).
        3.2. Once a Contract is created, and after you have checked through the Contract to ensure you are employing Inlet to do the Services you wish, in the context desired and at a Fee that is permissible, you will then inform us that you agree to this Contract and will make the payment of the Fee to Inlet.  See [4.2.1] for payment options, and [9.3] for details on what to do if you feel we are mistaken in the expense of the Fee.
        3.3. Any instructions, speculations or any other reference to how the Product should be created and on what terms you are employing our Services, which are not expressly stated, or referred to, in the Contract, will not be made binding when the Fee is paid.
        3.4. Once the Fee is proposed by the Contract, the Client then has the right to three options: 1) to agree to, and pay, the Fee, as in [4.2]; 2) to argue for an alternative price, if you believe the price is unbefitting the desired Services, and with the intent a new Fee and Contract may be proposed; or 3) to refuse to hire Inlet’s Services outright and withdraw your stated intentions to employ us.
            3.4.1. This refers to the Fee only and does not affect your right to request changes to the Contract before paying the Fee, if the nature of the Contract, and the Services described within, do not match what you want to employ Inlet to provide.
        3.5. By opting to make the payment of the Fee, you implicitly agree to the most recent-dated (or otherwise expressly indicated) Contract created between you and Inlet, and that you are happy with the details, price, time required for completion, and so on, set down in that Contract.
        3.6. Please note [4.4.4] for more details on how the nature of the Service can be changed without requiring a change in the Contract.
    4. Charges and Payment
        4.1. All charges/Fees stated on our website, or otherwise quantified in any context other than in your individual Contract, are exemplary amounts only. The Fee, generally, will not deviate from these given, exemplary charges, but may be changed, depending on the exact nature of the Service and Product required.
        4.2. For Inlet to begin the services, the Client will be required to pay the Fee. This Fee will be proposed by the Contract. If our Services are paid for, to the full extent of the Fee agreed upon in the Contract, the Contract then becomes valid and binding for Inlet to completing the Service, as per the Contract and these Terms.
            4.2.1. For giving payment, we accept the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, DubiEx and Paypal.
            4.2.2. Do not give us your personal banking details. We will not have access to, and will not attempt to access, your bank details or any other forms of identification knowingly.
            4.2.3. Other forms of payment may be agreed upon, if necessary.
        4.3. Inlet is in no way bound by the Contract if the Fee is not paid, unless a depository amount (see [4.5]) has been agreed upon, in which case, Inlet is in no way bound by the Contract if the depository Fee has not been paid.
        4.4. We will accept no changes in the Contract, once finalised and paid for, without any additional resulting Fee (if any) being first paid. Inlet is in no way bound to accept any change in the Contract after the Fee has been paid.
            4.4.1. It is fully understood, and expected, that ideas and design briefs may change and develop as time goes on, and as aspects of the Service are completed (in, for example, our writing of a piece of creative work, which triggers new ideas or a new ‘spin’ on the original design brief), and so no limits are held on the changeability of the ‘design brief’ (the idea, plot, characters, et cetera) without requiring a change in the Contract.
            4.4.2. The Client can request a change to the design brief at any time; however, it may invalidate the duration of time required to complete the Service, as set out in the Contract, may incur a rise in the Fee, and may be outright refused.
            4.4.3. These changes may result in making [] null and void for the remaining duration of our Contract, jeopardizing the predicted time required in the Contract, even if there is no resulting additional Fee, or change of Contract. You will be informed if this is the case or not, and will have the option to withdraw your wish for the design brief to be changed.
            4.4.4. Whether a change in the design brief will, or will not, signify a change in Contract is subject to exactly how different the Service and the Product is required to be from what was first projected in the Contract, and how close to completion the Product is; either way, the deadline may become void.
        4.5. For any Service with a Fee of three hundred American dollars ($300) or more, the Client will be given the option to make a deposit: to pay only half of the total Fee up front (making the Contract fully binding), while paying for the second half upon Inlet’s completion of half of the Service.
        4.6. Please see [9] for information on refunds.
    5. Affiliates of Inlet
        5.1. An Affiliate is someone approved by Inlet, who has agreed to undertake promotional actions in the spread of our existence in the reimbursement of a given percentage of financial sum, which is generated upon every successful and non-refunded order, order which has used their personal Affiliate Code.
        5.2. The amount per order, which an Affiliate is to receive, is not disclosed, as it is only between Inlet and the Affiliate.
        5.3. The Affiliate has the responsibility to direct traffic towards Inlet’s services via means mentioned in their application form, or others if legally possible. If no orders have been successfully submitted in the span of 6 months, Inlet will delete the Affiliate’s code and the Affiliate will be removed from the program.
        5.4. There are no costs for membership, at the current time, for becoming an Affiliate or resigning to be an Affiliate.
        5.5. We aren’t liable for the actions of our Affiliates, since they act on their own decision making. We only provide Affiliates with legal ways on how they can increase the scope of their influence and prospected fiat gains.
        5.6. Affiliates have the right to hire Associates under themselves, but those Associates must first be directed to us and send in an application, which is to be provided to an Affiliate upon acceptance to our platform and group. Same rules apply for Associates, but with slight differences.
        5.7. An Associate can apply to become an Affiliate if they prove themselves a valuable asset to Inlet, otherwise such is not to be considered viable to us.
        5.8. Affiliates and Associates will be given links, where they can always check the total balance on their accounts, as well as order history, at any given time. Minimum amount of withdrawal is 40€, upon which Inlet takes responsibility of the expenses. If an Affiliate or Associate wants their balance out and cannot wait, we can provide such, but the transaction fees will be deducted from their total sum, if it’s below the minimum amount of withdrawal.
        5.9. Breach of our contract, personal decision of Inlet, as well as improper behaviour will lead to the removal of an Affiliate or Associate from the program.
        5.10. Upon removal from the program, the Affiliate or Associate will have their full sum sent to their addresses. If it’s below the minimum threshold, fees will be included in the full balance.
        5.11. If Inlet has suffered damages, loss of clients or smeared reputation directly from the Affiliate’s or Associate’s actions, their total balance will have subtractions equal to how much damages their direct actions have caused to Inlet.
    6. Copyright and Intellectual Property
        6.1. All intellectual property rights in any materials provided by the Client to Inlet, for the purposes of hiring our Services and our completion of the Product, shall remain the property of the Client, but the Client thereby grants Inlet, without prejudice to [5.5.4], a royalty-free, non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to use such materials, as required, until termination or expiry of the Contract, for the sole purpose of enabling us to perform our obligations under the Contract.
        6.2. All intellectual property created by Inlet (and which is directly ensuing from/for the Product of the Service) remains the property of Inlet, but Inlet grants the Client, upon the completion of the Service, a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and transferable licence to use all intellectual property rights in the Product and the materials created or developed in pursuit of creating the Product, alongside any other necessary property rights which the Client reasonably requires in order to exercise their rights and take the benefit of the Product that Inlet was hired for, including permission to modify, and derivate this content, and to release it for commercial use.
        6.3. Please see [9] for information on what happens to your copyright access in the event of a prematurely terminated Contract, either by violation on Inlet’s part or the Client, or by a requested cancelation of Services, and refund on the part of the Client.
        6.4. Inlet may retain a copy of any Products created for any Clients across all time, regardless of any other considerations discussed or put forwards in the Contract, for our personal and legal records. These will be inaccessible to the public. 
        6.5. Inlet will never attempt, and shall take reasonable steps to prevent, any public announcements or unsolicited publication of the Product, original document or design brief, or any document associated with the Service of any kind, without the express permission of the Client.
            6.5.1. Such details are exempt from [5.5], for purposes of building Inlet’s portfolio of use, is a brief overview, or small segment, of the Product, a title (if applicable), the date of completion, and the associated name given in the Services Order form. This will appear on our “Portfolio of Work” page at [inletwriting.com/portfolio/]; however, Inlet cannot be held responsible for any third party individual copying this information from our site.
            6.5.2. If the Client wishes that it should be outside of Inlet’s permit to be able to state any claim towards a Product (and cover up Inlet’s providing of a Service entirely), so that sole credit for its creation should go to the Client (or another individual, organization or group, at the Client’s digression), then the option for ‘Ghostwriting’ must be asked for before the Fee is paid. Please note this will incur a rise in the Fee.
            6.5.3. In cases where ‘Ghostwriting’ is required, and accepted, Inlet revokes, upon payment of the Fee, all rights to state any kind of claim upon the ownership of the Product or associated documents, or to state any involvement of any kind in its creation. However, Inlet will not attempt to deceive a legal enquiry if we are directly questioned by a verified and validated person, organization or group of legal authority, which approaches us about your specific Product or Service. The presence of ‘Ghostwriting’ does not nullify [5.4].
            6.5.4. Inlet will take no responsibility for editing, analysing, or in any other way ‘accessing’ any document, or any other ‘work’ the Client provided us with, alongside permission to ‘access’ it, which we do not have legal permission to access, and which the Client does not have permission to grant.
       It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that Inlet has permission to access, change and write in the name of, or as, the original work given. The Client will be the sole receiver of legal repercussions, if any such action is to be taken, as set down in [7.2].
       If you are not the owner of a piece of work which is protected by Copyright, and wish to employ Inlet’s Services upon that piece of work, you will need to consider if you attained this piece of work in a legal way, the way in which you wish to use that piece of work, and the Product Inlet will give.
       Inlet will offer a caution to any Client we believe may be unintentionally breaking copyright, or other, laws, and may refuse to engage in a Contract with any Client, should we have evidence that a copyright, or other form, of legal infringement is present, intended, or would be the result of the use, et cetera, of the Product.
       However, Inlet is under no obligation to issue any form of warning to Clients’ we suspect of copyright, or other, legal violations, and cannot be held accountable for failing to refuse creating content which violates, or is used in such a way as to violate copyright, or other laws, or any action the Client takes, as set down in [7.2].
       For example, it is legal for you to hire Inlet to create a Plot Visualisation, or to write ‘Fan Fiction’ of a copyrighted work, so long as you have accessed the original ‘content’ legally; and so long as the Product is to be for personal, private use, or is to be distributed non-commercially (please note []). However, it would not be legal for you to write, or hire Inlet to write, a story directly based off the characters (or other intellectual property) of another pre-existing, copyright-protected story, with the intent of distributing and selling that resultant Product commercially.
       If you are looking to hire Inlet to work upon (edit, write, et cetera) a piece of Fan Fiction, please find more information on this by researching the copyright, and other laws, governing the creation and distribution of Fan Fiction. 
       Please be advised that Inlet does not, is not, and will not offer legal or copyright advice, and that none of the points within [5.5.4], or any of its sub-clauses, should be considered legal advice in any respect. We reiterate that Inlet cannot be held responsible for any copyright (or related) issues or infringements which come about as a result of the Client’s actions, and that all such issues and infringements fall upon the Client who employed Inlet to create, or to assist in the creation of, the ‘offending item’.
    7. Privacy Policy
        7.1. Following is Inlet’s Privacy Policy, which sets out how, when and why we store and use the information that you give us. Inlet is dedicated to ensuring your privacy is protected, and will never purposefully pass your details on to a third-party individual, group or organization, who are not directly connected with performing the Service we have been employed to fulfil by the Client, or as mandated by law.
        7.2. When hiring Inlet’s Services, a number of pieces of information will be required. Such pieces of information include: a name (or pseudonym); contact information (e-mail address); your company name (if applicable); the written text / design brief / other creative work or specifications you have for hiring our Services, alongside any other information, personal or otherwise, which you may choose to give, or may be requested to volunteer, during the process of our fulfilling for the Service you have hired us for.
            7.2.1. A method of giving payment will also be required. Please see [4.2.1].
        7.3. This information will be held for the minimum of the duration of time required for the Client’s Service to be completed, with Inlet’s need to communicate with the Client discontinuing, whereupon you may request to have your contact information deleted, alongside any other personal information, so long as its deletion is without prejudice to [5.4] and [5.5.1]. Your contact details may be deleted, without warning, at any time after the Product is completed.
        7.4. [Inletwriting.com] is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certified. This means that any information transferred between our website and your computer is encrypted.
    8. Our Liability
        8.1. In supplying our Services, Inlet promises to always:
            8.1.1. Be co-operative with the Client in all matters, and respond in a polite and timely fashion, and to be receptive and attentive to the Client’s wants and requests.
            8.1.2. Perform the Services with all reasonable care, skill and diligence.
            8.1.3. Use personnel who are suitably skilled and experienced to perform tasks assigned to them, and in sufficient number, to ensure that the Client’s desires are fulfilled in accordance with the Contract.
            8.1.4. Ensure that the Services shall conform to all descriptions and specifications set out in the Contract and in any associated ‘brief’ the Client gives, to within a reasonable degree and without prejudice to any later ideas the Client may wish to have implemented.
            8.1.5. Comply with all applicable laws of the countries from where we do our work.
            8.1.6. Provide all equipment, software, et cetera, as are required to provide the Services ourselves, except in exceptional circumstances, requested by the Client and/or specified in the Contract.
       Inlet cannot be held responsible for the unlawful use, appropriation or ownership, of a piece of pirated, or stolen, piece of software, or hardware, that the Client provided, on condition that this stolen/pirated software/hardware has been used only for the Service(s), which that particular Client ‘provided and requested’ Inlet was to use that software/hardware for, and on the condition that Inlet had no way of reasonably knowing that the software/hardware was stolen/pirated.
        8.2. Inlet cannot be held responsible for any copyright issues or any other legal problems or loss of amenity of any kind, including loss of profits, loss of business, loss of revenue, loss of or damage to goodwill, loss of savings (whether anticipated or otherwise) and/or any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, generated by the creation, distribution or reception of the Product, or associated documents, if the legal fault is in direct or implicit response to a direction given by the design brief, or from any ensuing or preluding conversation with the Client, or one of their associates, about the Contract, Product or Service, or if the legal fault came by way of an occurrence, which it was not reasonably foreseeable by Inlet, with the information Inlet was given, or if it did not fall to within Inlet’s direct purview to manage.
        8.3. The Client shall indemnify, and keep indemnified, Inlet, and all personnel of Inlet, in full, against all costs, expenses, damages and losses (whether direct or indirect), including any interest, penalties, and reasonably legal, and other professional fees, awarded against, or incurred, or paid by Inlet as a result of, or in connection with, any claim made against Inlet for actual, or alleged, infringement of a third party’s intellectual property or copyright protection, arising out of, or in connection with, the supply or use of the Service(s), Product or associated documents, to the extent that the claim is attributable to the acts or omissions of the Client or any associated individual, organisation or group. 
        8.4. Although every care will be taken to minimize the presence of spelling, grammatical and other minor errors from our Services, Inlet cannot be held responsible for a ‘reasonable minority’ of such errors going unnoticed – ‘reasonable’ encapsulating any ‘non-significant’, low number of minor errors which is realistic, given the nature and scale of the work commissioned.
        8.5. In the case of Services hired for ‘Ghostwriting’, Inlet cannot be held responsible if the true identity of the writer, or if Inlet’s part in the creation of the text, is discovered by further individuals or the wider society, so long as that revelation is not as a direct misconduct on the part of Inlet or a member of its group.
        8.6. The grounding of Inlet’s understanding and use of English is that of British English. While every care will be taken, in the event of writing a piece in ‘American English’ (if it is expressly specified that the use should be in the form of American English), the Client implicitly agrees that errors and inconsistencies in the use of language and its spellings may occur; however, not up to the extent that the comprehensibility of the text would be jeopardized.
        8.7. Inlet is not liable for delivery or communication problems derived from inaccurate contact information, lack of electricity or internet, spam filters, wrong e-mails or the Client’s neglect to check their e-mails, or any other ensuing delivery problems that cannot be reasonably said to be Inlet’s fault. It is up to the Client to provide proper contact information, as well as to follow through Inlet’s inquiries about requirements of additional information of their order.
        8.8. Inlet reserves the right to refuse to provide Services to anybody for any or no reason.
        8.9. The Contract shall not constitute or imply any partnership, joint venture, agency, fiduciary relationship or other relationship, between Inlet and the Client, other than the contractual relationship expressly provided for in the Contract; likewise, neither us nor the Client shall have, nor represent that it has, any authority to make commitments on the other’s behalf.
        8.10. If any provision of these Terms, or the Contract, is prohibited by law or judged by a court to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the provision shall, to the extent required, be severed from the Terms/Contract and rendered ineffective as far as possible without modifying the remaining provisions, and shall not, in any way, affect any other circumstances of or the validity or enforcement of the Contract or these Terms. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Inlet if any such provisions of these Terms fall to within this category, so we may amend the fault, at [[email protected]].
    9. Inlet’s Website, Cybersecurity and Fraud
        9.1. The clauses within [8], regarding Inlet’s website, cybersecurity and response to fraud, are intended for, and binding to, everyone who uses this site.  However, it is not necessary to have ‘visitors’ to our site (viewers who look at, enter or pass through our website without employing Inlet to provide a Service) confirm that they have read and agree to these Terms, as all the points within this document are standard legal practice.
        9.2. The security of our machines, website, and ‘presence’ (online and offline) is as important as the security and confidentiality of our customers. Any attempts to give us, or infect our machines, website, or anything else of Inlet’s ownership, with malware, ransomware, phishing, fraud and other means of illicit software or activities, will be regarded with hostility and activism. Attempts of such will be tracked and reported to the authorities, under the Computer Misuse Act 1998. Sending us fake files, with a goal of infecting our equipment, will result in an immediate reaction, such as any possible legal response, and refusal to work with the ‘sending’ would-be-Client again.
        9.3. Attempts to ‘hack into’ our website are strictly prohibited, under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 1986.
        9.4. Inlet owns the intellectual property rights for all material on this website ([inletwriting.com]), and all associated ‘Inlet websites’ (such as [inletgames.wordpress.com]), under the Intellectual Property Act 2014. While you may view and/or print pages and information from these websites, for your own personal use, you are, unless explicitly allowed by Inlet, forbidden from:
            9.4.1. Republishing material from Inlet’s website or one of its associated websites.
            9.4.2. Reproduce, duplicate or copy material from Inlet’s website or one of its associated websites.
        9.5. In the matter of communicating, or sending files between, you and Inlet, you acknowledge that no perfect security infrastructure exists, no data transmission is guaranteed to be 100% secure, and there may be some security risks, which fall outside the remit of what Inlet can reasonably prevent or control.
        9.6. No use of Inlet’s “Veiled Moon” logo, or other artwork (including music, digital art, and creative media products, such as), will be allowed for linking absent a trademark license agreement, as per the Copyright Act 1968.
        9.7. A link to our website, or any associated website, in any place and by any person, is prohibited, if the presence, location or context of that link:
            9.7.1. Reflects unfavourably on us or our associated Services.
            9.7.2. Is misleading, implying we offer Services, et cetera, we do not, such as work opportunities.
            9.7.3. Falsely implies Inlet’s sponsorship, partnership (joint venture, agency, fiduciary relationship or other relationship), endorsement or approval of the linking party, its products or services.
            9.7.4. Inlet may request any link to our website, or associated website, to be removed from its place, and withholds the right to deny any party from linking to our website again.
        9.8. Use of stolen credit card and/or any credit card fraud is considered to be a serious crime, in accordance with the Client Credit Act 1974.
    10. Premature Contract Terminations
        10.1. There are three reasons which may incur a premature termination of the Contract. 1) the Client has violated the Contact or these Terms [9.2]; 2) Inlet has violated the Contract or these Terms [9.3]; and 3) the Client wishes to willingly cancel hiring our Services, voluntarily terminating the Contract and requesting a Refund [9.4].
        10.2. If the Client acts, either during the creation of the Contract or during Inlet’s completion of the Service, in such a way as to violate either the Contract or these Terms, the Client will be blacklisted and any Contract we had, or would have had, is made void.
            10.2.1. Examples of when the Client might be said to have ‘violated’ the contract are if the Client:
       withdraws, without express written permission from Inlet, some or all of the Fee from Inlet’s possession to any other location;
       fails to pay the second half of the depositary Fee [4.5], without an excuse and reasonable delay we deem to be suitable is presented; or
       openly admits to illegal intent, such as copyright infringement, with the Product or associated documents;
            10.2.2. Additionally, on the instance that: the Fee, or first half of the depositary fee, is not paid in full; the Client fails to provide sufficient means of direct communication; fails to provide instructions on the nature of the Service desired; or, the Client has been previously blacklisted, then the Contract will be denied outright, and any money the Client has sent will be returned.
        10.3. If the Services have been carried out, by Inlet, in such a way as to violate and infringe either these Terms or the Contract, or any other legally mandatory rights, which validates your claim to Inlet’s infringement of the Terms or Contract, the Client will be offered a full refund. A free ‘re-attempt’ of the Services, as it appears in the Contract, may also be offered in place of a refund.
            10.3.1. There is no limit on the number of re-attempts permissible, so long as the reason for the invalidation of the contract remains valid. We do not guarantee that a free re-attempt will be offered, even if they have been offered in the past, and a full refund will be given.
            10.3.2. On the instance of a full refund, where Inlet has caused a violation of the Contract, you will be allowed to keep the Product and use it as set out in [5.2].
            10.3.3. Your right to decline a subsequent offer of a free re-attempt for a full refund remains unchanged.
            10.3.4. Examples of when Inlet might be said to have ‘violated’ the contract are if:
       Inlet has significantly misread, misimplemented, or otherwise misunderstood your requirements, as set down in the Contract;
       Inlet takes more time to complete the Services than the deadline stated in the Contract (if you hired us to provide an accelerated service (required time), but still opt to take a free re-attempt, the additional ‘accelerated service’ fee will be refunded to you regardless);
       there is a not-insignificant amount of spelling mistakes in the Product; or if
       the Visualization (for plots/world/etc.) is unnecessarily confusing or badly arranged, so long as it is by fault of Inlet, rather than a result of the complexity of the story and the nature of the project itself.
            10.3.5. [] is void if the Client has deliberately gone to efforts to deceive and complicate the Service desired, or if it was written generally ambiguous or opaque; this is also void from any ‘interpretive error’, in other words, Inlet’s taking of a different interpretation of a part of the Contract than the Client intended.
            10.3.6. With regards to [], Inlet cannot be held accountable for delays which were caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as loss of electrical power, loss of internet, loss of data, and so on. Inlet also cannot be held accountable for delays created by our inability to communicate with the Client.
        10.4. The Client may ask for and be provided a refund, and cancellation of our Services, at any time and without any specific reason. In the case that we agree to provide a refund, the amount refunded depends on the amount of work completed, and the nature of the Service being cancelled itself.
            10.4.1. In the case of a cancelled Editing Service, a full refund will not be possible (without prejudice to [9.5]). The amount refunded depends on how far, through completing the Service, Inlet was at the time of receiving the notification requesting a refund and termination of Contract. Access to the incomplete Product will be granted, with all the rights of use and derivation set out in [5.2].
            10.4.2. In the case of a cancelled Writing Service, the Client may be offered a full refund, a partial refund, or a choice between a full or partial refund.
       If a full refund is taken, the Client revokes all rights to use the text we have written, and gives permission for Inlet to take full ownership of the Product, and to use it as we see fit. 
       If a partial refund is taken, a portion of the money will be returned, alongside the unfinished Product as it stands. The amount of the Fee refunded depends on how far through, completing the Service, Inlet was at the time of receiving the notification requesting a refund and termination of Contract.
       Note that [] does not grant us rights to any copyrighted elements of your story, but does grant us permission to rework whatever has been created into an original piece of work, which we may then, for example, commercially distribute.
            10.4.3. In the case of a cancelled Analytics Service, a full refund will not be possible (without prejudice to [9.5]). The amount refunded depends on how far through completing the Service Inlet was, at the time of receiving the notification requesting a refund and termination of Contract. Access to the incomplete Product will be granted, with all the rights of use and derivation set out in [5.2].
        10.5. Inlet does not guarantee a refund will be provided, if there is no legitimate reason to validate one, unless no work had been performed on the Product at the time we received notice of a desired cancellation of Services from the Client, in which a full refund is guaranteed.
        10.6. Inlet will never refund a greater amount of money than was initially paid (or added onto the initial sum) by the Client.
        10.7. All transaction fees are payable by the Client. The transaction fee for the payment of the Services will be in addition to the primary Fee; in the event of a refund, the transaction fee will be deducted from the refund. Unless otherwise discussed and put into place, the Client’s right to ask for a refund, or be offered a free re-attempt, is void after five (5) working days have passed since the completion and sending of the Product to the Client.

Dated: 07/06/2022