Fear not the blank page

Driver Exporter

Driving the motion of shape keys in Blender with a rig, with a visual presentation and with keyframed bones of animated values is a preferable workflow for animators.

Combine March

After Gordon Freeman infiltrated and escaped Nova Prospekt, City 17 slowly erupted into a warzone that could no longer remain ignored by the Combine overlords.

Easy Bake 2 – Texture, UV, Procedural Materials and more

Combine different UV-mapped textures and materials, including procedural ones, in Blender using this addon. You can merge them into a single texture or separate them into individual pieces. Additionally, the addon allows for bulk baking of mixed textures or the separate baking of each texture.

Origin Align

This addon facilitates the precise and effortless placement of an object’s origin in Blender, allowing you to position it at the bottom, top, side, a selected face, or at various specific rotations.

Grid Sizer

Achieve precise grid resizing in Blender by effortlessly doubling or halving its dimensions across all viewports. This remarkable addon also allows you to instantly revert to the default size whenever needed.

Black Mesa Gym

All the workhours done seated on computers and terminals wasn’t an easy life for the scientist at Black Mesa, so the gym was always the…

How Eli Lost his Leg

Eli Vance was a scientist at Black Mesa whose leg one day was privy to a big accident that was to be remembered as the…