Modular Pipes Pack

Pipes are a necessary component of every building, whether residential or commercial, on ceilings, in basements, underneath the pavement, inside the bathroom, boiler room and just everywhere really. This pack has all you’d need to have the opportunity to build fulfilling pipe systems for maps, posters and productions.

But wait, there’s more. Instead of manually connecting the pipes to one anther and trying to figure how many you’d need, their types and little details, whilst doing the manual labor of populating scenes every single time, how about an addon that does the heavy lifting by allowing quick selection of pipe modules that attach to one another in an instant?

Then check out Modular Asset Manager, which also contains this Pipe Pack at a reduced price –

Pack consists of:

  • 2 bends 45°, 11 bends 90°, 1 bend 180°, 7 brackets, 4 couplings, 1 cross, 3 flanges, 2 S-Bends, 2 spherical bends, 1 spherical coupling, 2 spherical tees, 4 str, 1 tee, 4 valves. Additional details of sizes and lengths at poster below.


Category: Architecture, modular
Blender: 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
Format: BLEND
License: Royalty Free