Smoking Pipe Pack – Modular, Static

Discover the smoking pipes pack containing 70 unique styles, complete with a modular design of flexible shape key controls for hundreds of potential variations. Elevate your tobacco pipe experience to a whole new level.

Typewriter Rigged and ready for Animation

Experience the glory of the typewriter through its careful assembly of moveable keys, typebars, platen and knobs: all crafted in the iconic style of the 20th century machinery.

Hay Bale – Rounded

Have you ever had an idea for a rounded hay bale that you can use for your video or poster? Well, take a look at this straw-compressed beauty ready for your field, for your farm, for your living room!

Rigged Human Skeleton – Animated

A fully rigged human skeleton that can be put in any Blender project, in Unreal and Unity. You can separate the skull, hands legs, torso…