Speaker Overhaul

Speaker Overhaul showcase and tutorials playlist

In Blender there’s the speaker tool which many have no idea about its use and purpose, but amidst the confusion is a tool for sound design and potential automation for the laborsome process of creating atmosphere easily through basic sounds.

The Speaker Overhaul does just that, as it provides complex functionality for making production process faster and better due to its more accurate and realistic sound design. There 3 types of use this addon entails.


Category: SFX automation
Blender: 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
License: GPL

Master Speaker
Main use here is ambiance like the rustle of the wind, or the chatter at the mall, or the bustling frogs in the pond during the night. The location, the volume, the pitch: you can have many variations and the distance between the camera and speaker would also dictate the strength of the volume, dynamically.

Motion Speakers
When an object or mesh moves on the X, Y, Z axis, depending on which axis it moves and how fast or slow, you can create the effect starting motion, in-motion and stopping motion. An example would be the movement of a car. Depending on its speed the audio would either increase its pitch, speed and volume, or reduce them.

Animation Speaker
There’s no better function than the animation speaker that can precisely play out a sound on a specific framerate. If you want a step to play out on each step, you’d just bind that sound effect to the frame and it would follow it anywhere, no matter if you make the animation faster or slower. This can be used for pretty much anything, whether a screech of a cog at certain times, or the plop of water dripping in a puddle.