Volumetric Light & Smoke Effects Pack

Volumetric Lights showcase and tutorials playlist

Using Blender volumetrics is laggy and an overally slow process, especially concerning animations that need to be previewed over and over again. The secret is looking back at how they used to do volumetrics in the past and implementing that for something better, something greater.


Category: Lights VFX
Blender: 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
Renderer: Cycles & Eevee
License: Royalty Free

Pack includes
– 19 customizable light presets
– customizable smoke & dust & fog effects

Inside this volumetric pack is a variaty of lights meant for different uses and conditions in regards to your scenes. You can change how strong they are, their size, where the light is aiming at and more.

If you want to have light at 360 degrees, then just adjust that slider with the custom radius. Want to change the intensity or color? Go ahead. Want gobo textures? Just add and enjoy!

Because of the fact that all these volumetrics are just 2D planes, you’re given fast and easy previews, opportunity for larger and packed scenes which Cycles would make a hell not just for preivewing but for rendering… it gives me a frosty tingle just thinking about the lag and render months it’d demand.

Hide unnecessary parts of your scene with the trick of using shadows that’d blend that out. This way you can just hide anything that is not necessary to be seen in a classy and non-obvious fashion.

Use this cube and shape it however you want, including its colors. This way it can blend into any envrionment you’d wish to put it into.

You have a cigarette or a fire and want its smoke to follow a certain path while also exercizing total control over the result? You can not only do that but that smoke can also react to other mesh touching it and altering its direction and shape.

The best part of all this is that it all uses the same foundation, which just means your computer will love you and your patience in par. The dynamic smoke is perfect with Eevee, while it does work with Cycles, it will not have the exactly same results.