DriverRig: Shape Keys to Bones

Short introduction
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Did you know you can set up your control bones to drive shape keys? If you did know, then you could remember of how long and awful the manual process can be, even seemed as impossible at most times.

That’s why DriverRig solves that big problem by simplifying the process and automating it as much as possible so you can easily set those bones to drive the shape keys.

With this new automation for your models’ topology you can also achieve total facial control over any character whether complex or simple.

So what can you do

  • Make a list of Control Bones that activate shape keys
  • Generate drivers for all targeted shape keys so moving the bones in a specific way triggers them
  • Create a 3D UI with headings and custom bone shapes for visual clarity
  • Speeds up the process of adding bones and setting up drivers on shape key
  • Much easier to test, track, edit and delete than it is in default Blender

What are the versions

  • All custom bone shapes without the script (157 shapes)
  • Full script + custom bone shapes

These custom bone shapes do not require the main script to work, since you can just use the shapes for your own rigs. Every single variation and alteration is meant for specific uses in regards to rotation, direction or size.

Don’t think this is all about faces, since it’s meant to work on any mesh. To begin its use, target the armature and add control bones to the list. Now choose which shape you need it to activate and just Generate.

The shape keys can only have one reference and cannot have active drivers. Errors in regards to this will appear on the UI so it can be corrected.

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