Master Shape Keys

You have a shape key but how do you go about separating it into new individual shape keys? By default you’d have to go about it manually by remaking all those duplicates which is nothing nice

Vertex Shape Keys are used for grouping by generating sets of Vertex Groups. If you had a ‘Grin’ shape key and ‘Right Face’ and ‘Left Face’ vertex groups, you could automatically generate a ‘Grin’ for Right Face’ and ‘grin for Left Face’.

Whenever you’d like to modify the ‘Grin’, you’d just have to modify the original and just re-generate.


Category: Grouping, merging, folder management
Software: Blender 2.83, 2.93, 3.x
License: GPL

Master Shape Keys has everything else, including the forementioned. The extra additions include combining shape keys: a process of using more than 1 shape key at the same time.

When Additive is Off, every shape key is opened and closed progressively, each next shape key opening whenever the previous begins to close.

When Additive is On, when a shape key is activated and fully plays out, it doesn’t close and just remains idle. At that moment where it plays out fully, the next one repeats the same process.

Through these different combinations come the many opportunities for sophisticated control over a character’s expression.

Sync Object allows for selecting another object with present shape keys, where you’d be able to sync to a specific Shape Key. That will allow the targeted shape key to affect the chosen object.

If you’ve tried sorting your shape keys, you know full well how impossible that is in the default state of Blender.

But don’t be discouraged as Shape Key Collections gives forth that functionality for structure and stability in the form of folders!

So put your beloved shape keys in any folder you’d like, or their subfolder. Name them, sort them, find practicality and order.


Version 3.11

  • Allowed user to add/apply Modifiers shape keys

Version 3.1

  • Major code overhaul fixing issues like stability, performance and usability
  • Refresh button removed, while fixing the problem of shape keys not showing up on 1-st time install
  • Targeting folders now can be directly done in the list, instead of under it
  • Working with the UI now feels smoother and accurate
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 3.0

  • Rewrote parts of the ‘folder structure’ management code to make it more stable and consistent
  • Enabled editing the name of shape keys and folders by double-clicking their entry in the list
  • Removed the ability to trigger an error by trying to remove a shape key when there are no shape keys
  • Added a ‘Refresh’ button to update the list and show any shape keys that were in the model before the script was loaded
  • On ‘exporting’ the model the shape keys’ names no longer default to their auto-generated names
  • On ‘exporting’ the order of the shape keys is maintained, so long as the folders are open

Version 2.9

  • Allowed ‘lattice’ objects and shape keys to work with this script

Version 2.8.5

  • Added a button to the dropdown menu to move the selected shape key or folder to the top or bottom of the list

Version 2.8

  • Major fixes for Shape Key Collections

Version 2.4

  • Removed the ‘refresh’ button, since now it automatically refreshes as it needs to
  • Upon selecting a shape key it will update the Active selection

Version 2.2

  • Added the ability to reference shape keys in other models, both directly (from a shape key) and from a Merge Key
  • Fully removed the list’s ‘update’ button, since all updates are called automatically

Version 2.1

  • Fixed the broken system for preventing duplicate names (.001, .002, .003 instead of .1, .1.1, .1.1.1)
  • Fixed Merge Keys and Combine Keys not displaying the correct names for shape keys in their settings
  • Removed unnecessary settings from the dropdown menu ‘Shape Key Specials’
  • Moved the ‘duplicate’ settings into the dropdown menu ‘Shape Key Specials’

Version 2.0

  • Added the Shape Key Collections system
  • Add a new ‘duplicate’ button to make a copy of the active shape key