Eye Rigger – Universal for any Humanoid model

Gaze upon the lower thirds and overlay titles that give you the ease of motion graphics for any video production, whether YouTube or for your livestreams. With the simpler design they’re meant to give focus to the message as to nuke any confusion away from the viewer.

This pack contains
– 1 tutorial for use of assets
– 10 lower thirds & 4 variations of YouTube call to action
– Fast renders

With the many eye models our there, whether toony or photorealistic, the problem delivers itself at the lack of rigs for control. After all every body part capable of expression requires shape keys for ease of animation and variaty of pose.

This includes
– Full eye rig
– Viewtarget both eyes can follow
– Tutorial how to implement the replacement
– Extra tutorial for attaching the eyes on any mesh


Category: Asset pack
Blender: 2.6x, 2.79, 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
License: Royalty Free

But instead of going through the hassle of setting those shape keys up with the usual constraints, just transplant these beautiful eyes upon your model and merge its rig with thy own for an optimized conclusion.

The plugin has a rig setup with which you can control where the eyes are looking, including dirvers that can move the face mesh and eyelids that further aids in the realism whenever the eyes are looking about.

Tutorial includes
– How to use the rig – tracking eyes
– Attaching the new rig to the user’s rig
– Lining up the eyes, size and bones location, attach to head bone
– Adding the new rig to the vertex group L and R
– Copying drivers for the eyelids to the user’s face mesh
– Deleting the old eyes and face mesh

Extra Tutorial includes
– Attaching an eye to any mesh and creating shape key functionality (in this case the forehead)

You can easily replace these eyes with any of your liking, and you can just swap the shape keys that drive them from the ‘placeholder’ face and onto your own model’s face that you’d like to make greater and better.