Grease Pencil Collections

Grease Pencil generates many layers during any composition, and such needs organization and neatness in the forms of groups that can open and close themselves for maximum efficiency of your workflow.

Super Easy Render

Bulk render your scenes in Blender and have full control over the speed, framerate, Shadows, Volumetrics, Motion Blur, Samples; and on top of that choose if you want to shut down your computer once it ends.

Particle Groups for Particle System

Group together a Blender particle system into controllable groups that can be duplicated and looped easily. Create stunning visual effects by altering offsets and making new particle groups that’d populate your scene with outstanding outcomes from the special effects.

Master Shape Keys

Blender Master Shape Keys can separate a shape key into multiple individual shape keys. It also can merge or group shape keys together that makes things easier to manage. In practice this can be seperating both sides of a human model’s lips, for further expression and control.