Objects Parenter – Constraints

When you’d want to use the Object Constraint for ‘Anim parent’ for object A to follow object B, C, D, etc, usually it’s limited only to 1 action at a time, and if you want to daisy chain such actions to follow something else right after that, you’d be in for a bad day. The problem that happens is that the whole location of object A gets broken due to the new positioning that follows object C, after ending a cycle of A>B.

With this addon you can daisy chain those actions for when object A finishes following object B, then from that end point of B, object A can follow object C.

Put in practical terms: make a character grab an object, drop it and then grab it again; or just have the character give that object to someone else. All this requires no custom pathfinding, as it would follow the bones that you’d attach and re-attach to the object.


Category: Object parenting
Software: Blender 2.93, 3.x
License: GPL