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ED_Alloc: no free edicts [SOLUTION] Source Filmmaker, GMod, CSGO

Entities in maps usually do not cause issues, but when the map is huge, it’s set to create problems for our beloved SFM. Go to your launch options and put the launch code -num_edicts 2047. Do not go over that because it will make your game or software to crash.

If the map keeps crashing, you need to decompile it and reduce the entities. If you have the vmf file, you don’t need to decompile anything. Just remove them with Hammer or through Notepad++

Engine Hunk Overflow [SOLUTION] – Valve SFM, GMod, CSGO

Occurs at the attempt of loading a Source map. It’s an issue of Lightmap being with an odd value. It’s an issue with all Source games, like CSGO, GMod, L4D2, HL2,SFM.

Set your game launch option to +r_hunkallocligtmaps 0 or, in SFM, manually type in console r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 and run your map. If the map crashes, check for other solutions, excluding Engine Hunk Overflow, since you’ve already set it to 0.

1080p Rendering, Preview for Source Filmmaker (SFM)

Default values for SFM are 720p, which can be annoying if one wants to increase the crispness of the imagery.

To change it you have to set your SFM launch options to -w 1920 -h 1080 -sfm_resolution 1080 -w 1920 -h 1080. The first –w 1920 –h 1080 is for your preview settings, while the other is for rendering. If you don’t want a 1080p preview, just add the code –sfm_resolution 1080 -w 1920 -h 1080.

RAM Memory Usage Bottleneck Crash – Source Filmmaker (SFM)

SFM is a 32bit software, which means it’s limited to 4GB of RAM, or 3000-3500 practical values, before it’d die glorylessly. There is no way to remove the bottleneck, but you can easily reset the RAM without exiting by typing mat_reloadallmaterials in console.

Don’t forget to save before undergoing the short venture.

Glowing Textures on Map [SOLUTION] – Source Filmmaker (SFM)

There are maps which you will find have issues with bumpmap, giving the properties of eternal glow in the darkness, hence, destroying the atmosphere and setting of the map.

An easy fix is to just set mat_bumpmap 0 in console and enjoy the normality of the faulty map textures. Do know that there are maps, which when you enter this console command, will revert other textures to glow instead. This can be found on gm_fork.

Weird Shiny Lighting Bug [SOLUTION] – Source Filmmaker (SFM)

Issue is created by cubemaps. What are they? Textures in a map have reflective capabilities, and without cubemaps they can get quirky or ugly, or incredibly shiny. Such shininess of different colors is when cubemaps are broken.

There are 2 fixes. The fast one and the slow one. Fast one is to type mat_specular 0 (this can sometimes crash the map, so just retry) or mat_fastspecular 0 in console, which will remove all cubemaps from the map.

Removing cubemaps like this can make some shiny textures to look bleak or ugly. There comes the 2nd fix, which can be done by using a tool called CubeMapper. Read the instructions in there if you want a permanent fix.

If disabling specular refuses to work, type buildcubemaps in console and wait for a bit. After the map has rebuilt the cubemaps, type mat_specular 0 again in console. This should’ve fixed it.

Hiding Water in SFM Maps [SOLUTION] – Source Filmmaker

Since water in some maps is broken, best course of action is to hide it and put a water model on top, as it would do the job anyways. Note that you can fix this issue in Hammer by finding water texture that can work in symbiosis with SFM, otherwise, just stick to this fix.

Hiding water can be done by typing mat_drawwater 0 which will remove any visible water on your map. But with hiding the water, there’s another problem which comes into play, as now when you go under the hidden water, you will experience underwater effect with fog.

Disabling the underwater effect is done by typing fog_enable_water_fog 0 which will clear everything, as now you have a giant ocean seabed that is in the atmospheric form of the Mad Max universe.

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