Is S2FM for ME?

Half Life Alyx gave the release to the newest Source 2 Filmmaker (S2FM) that has more control and flexibility than its older brother: the Dota 2 version. Here we’re given access to all the HLA content in regards to maps, models and textures.

Best part is the new Hammer editor which is a revolutionary step in regards to mapmaking, which gives forth animation producers the tools of creation at arm’s reach.

Everything is new and better, but at the expense of more resources from the computer than the old SFM, which will easily work on a battery that’s 2 potatoes in parallel.

The problem is that you have to buy HLA in order to even test the software if it’d be up to your needs and system foundations. Well, let’s show you around and get you to make a decision.

Highlights – No more 4GB RAM cap, no more .QC hell, control over the light environment, modern assets

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