Brother Freeman

See Ravenholm like never before! The churchbell is howling and the zombies are gathering, for the shephard Father Grigori is here to sing you and Gordon Freeman a song!

Playing Half Life 2 we always thought this place was a grim and dark hell. But underneath all its traps and shadows is the loud bass and vigorous mission of Father Grigori who has set himself to bring salvation to all the blasphermers, be it those of Earth or those of Xen.

None will stop him in his quest. His followers have learned the traditions and tend to carry bulky candles, refraining from the urge to try and eat him as they’ve all seen what happens to those who dare.

They say that headcrabs and zombies in #Ravenholm fear him, but most… they follow him. Will Freeman accept his fate or he’d try and escape this strange place on this strange Earth?

Animation was done by Inlet, while the music was done by Vandoorea whom you can find below:
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