Text Word Art

Inspired by the retro WordArt from the past with its stylish and colorful expressions (also known as text art), Text Word Art aims to bring back that style of text in the 3D plains of Blender through the 3D-in-built text tool.

Hay Bale – Rounded

Have you ever had an idea for a rounded hay bale that you can use for your video or poster? Well, take a look at this straw-compressed beauty ready for your field, for your farm, for your living room!

Obey the Nightmare

This wasn’t the first time the Combine forces were tasked of assaulting White Forest, a known resistance hideout, but all past attempts had resulted in massacres and failure due to the guerrilla tactics and overwhelming terrain.

Super Easy Render

Super Easy Render addon puts you back in command of your rendering in Blender, with its precise framerate control, and many simple…

Shape Key Collections

Create folders and subfolders for your shape keys in Blender. Give them names and order for maximum convenience with this addon.

Master Shape Keys

Master Shape Keys addon can separate, merge, group, combine any shape keys on your chosen model in Blender and provide…

Speaker Overhaul

Speaker Overhaul addon for Blender can automate sound design for animations, motion and ambience, but also for…