Game of Thrones

Magic, fantasy and dragons! I mean, hell, who wouldn’t want to see such craziness?! Only doofuses! Apart from that, when I began watching, there was just too much sex and boobies and ass-cracks.

Not that I’m complaining, but it just imprinted on me memory hard. Otherwise, the story is just expansive and great. The world big and full. The characters complicated and usually to-be-dead.

No one is safe here, anyone could die at any time and that just makes you anxious non-stop. I should read the books. They always carry much more content than movies and series, a fact of steel, a fact to guide your reel.

The expansive world’s mystery grabs you and never lets go, apart from the last two seasons of course. The case is such, because the movie was following George Martin’s books in the beginning, but when they ran out of material, as Martin was still writing, they had to take matters into their own hands of failure.

Such shouldn’t be a reason not to watch this incredible show, as my personal enjoyment reached up to season 7! That’s a lot of episodes, so you shouldn’t stray away. The characters’ journeys are long and filled with antagonism, while many characters never even make it to the end, curtsey to Martin’s love of death and unpredictability.

As we mentioned, there’s lots of medieval and fantastical elements the world of Game of Thrones is built upon, but it never gets overused, thus, you tend to even forget the magic even exists, apart from Season 8.

Dwell no further and enter the fray!