There weren’t big expectations for this piece, as the trailer was bland and the beginning was somewhat… I fell asleep!

But wait now, I was very tired and, therefore, was biased. Thus, when again it was watched, my disappointment overflowed the dam as the movie not only broke my low expectations, it held my eyes widened until the credits. The cast, the acting, the story, the beautiful music… It was nothing like I had ever seen before. It was… perfect!

The immersion and graphical reaches you’d fly through are a lifetime opportunity. The presence of wormholes, black holes and time travel are aligned to what theoretical science has managed to reach conclusions to.

Everything has been carefully designed to be as realistic as possible to what we currently understand and believe is true, while the plot elements create a sense of danger and impending doom, which can be only prevented by those sent into space, the last resort.