Created and animated by Disney, Zootopia is a movie about furry, anthropomorphic animals, or mammals. The world they exist in is futuristic and peaceful, with harmony between the classes of people: prey and predator, or so it is presumed.

My expectations for the movie were one of the lowest, due to my expansive collection of film experience. It was just a random day when a decision gave way to me watching it with spite, only to beam happily at the credits.

The creativity and life the visuals translate to the viewer, it’s nothing short of a masterpiece of animation and hard work. The plot is solid, apart from certain scenes and twists, nevertheless, the concept of social segregation does serve as wisdom to those young viewers.

The impressions Zootopia gave me, they spoke that the movie wasn’t just meant for kids to goggle at the fluffy rabbit and fox, as there were countless subtle and evident messages of our current world issues.

The original concept for Zootopia was way darker. Fans even call it Zistopia or Dystopia, since it’s set in a world, where predators are living under the shocking collar of their downtrodden existence. Such concept would’ve surely worked for adults, but it would’ve left quite some kids scarred from the gloom and anxiety.

A prompt I set forth for all of you who haven’t had the opportunity to see this exciting bowl of imagination.