NLA Strip Merger


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script.

How do I activate an addon?

Isn’t this just doing the same thing that the “edit -> bake action” button does?

  • Strip Merger has several advantages over the default ‘Bake Action’. It’s really just a more developed version of it, taking the concept and adding some quality of life improvements.
  • Strip Merger only bakes the NLA Strips that are selected, automatically finds the range of frames required and attempts the put the newly ‘baked’ strip in a logical spot to replace the strips that have been baked.
  • By default, you can’t easily choose which Strips to bake and which not to. You have to specify the Start and End frame manually every time and the new ‘baked’ strip is just lumped in a new action strip.
  • NLA Merger also bakes non-locomotion information, allowing for many other animated object properties to be stashed, while ‘Bake Action’ only preserves location, rotation and scale.



NLA ‣ Context Menu (right click)


Merge Pose Strips
Bakes animation of selected pose bones, applying all selected NLA strips: their modifiers, settings, blending, etc.. Available in Pose Mode.

Merge Object Strips
Bakes animation of selected object, ignoring unselected strips and bones. Applies all selected NLA strips: their modifiers, settings, and blending.