Portal 1-2

You’re a rat, caged and choiceless to the reality of the facility and its keeper. It’s a puzzle game which gradually builds up in difficulty, until you are no longer capable of solving the issues and reach out the internet of answers, unless you’re from Mensa, of course.

Now you’re thinking with portals, said someone snarky with a robotic voice. Portal 1, located in one of Aperture Science’s test chambers, you begin your adventure as Chell, an adventure of tests and lab runs.

Set in the same universe as Black Mesa, the research facility from Half-Life, Aperture Science is owned and founded by Cave Johnson, an opportunistic man who doesn’t hold much patience to lemons and their awful taste.

Portal 2

Set in the aftermath of calamities of Portal 1. But, it has been quite some time and much has changed to the surroundings and environment the test chambers of Aperture Science originally had.

Portal gun in hand and an annoying Wheatley babbling next to you, the adventure of escape is of trod. There’s tons of more story in this game, as it is longer, better and crazier! Do you even know what happened to the Borealis?