We must be on a streak of finding magnificent freeware software. This one is about encryption. So if you’re harboring naughty or sensitive files, which you’d rather have in a locked and safe location, then you must do so with encryption.

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This tool shouldn’t be taken lightly, since lacking knowledge and practical capability can lead to disasters on your computer, especially to some of lost data and locked access. I’ve had the misadventure of nearly losing all my work and files due to a glitch in the software, during encryption.

Quantum computers, of course, will make the traditional types of encryption obsolete. But the time when such would happen isn’t going to be in the span of soon. Thus, you can rest assured that your files will be safe.

There is no way of breaking encryption, unless the password is weak, which you can test on this website.

Other way of having your password and access to your computer is through the law or by extortion, both physical and psychological. That is why hidden containers exist, but you’re not running a special criminal ring to require such information… Are you?

When a drive is decrypted, when it is being used for instance, remember that you’re open to vulnerabilities, since getting malware or a Trojan on your computer can expose all of your information.

Locking your screen also doesn’t encrypt your information, unless it’s a separate VeraCrypt container, which wasn’t opened during the time of your locked screen.

This software was even recommended on one of the CyberSecurity seminars I had gone a year ago, where a security company representative divulged to me that he personally uses TrueCrypt, which is actually a discontinued project now called VeraCrypt. He was sleazy, but not sleazy enough.