Fear not the blank page

Getting into the Games Industry

Aspects of Games There are many elements to making a computer game; each of which will, for larger projects especially, require specific people who are specialized at one particular aspect of the design of the game — music writers, level designers, 3D modellers and so forth. As an unspecialised person looking in, it’s important to …

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How Game Companies Fail

The Foundation of any Good Project If left without a plan or a guide to aid the process of development, the project or idea which is supposed to be being made will likely fail — either due to a flood of ideas with no guide to keep things on track or to a lack of …

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Beginner’s WriteBase

There’’s an aspiring author in all of us, hiding deep and awaiting one’s choice of light. The more you wait, the more you’ll stagnate your ideas of grandness and creativity.

A Step With Fanfiction

An odd article would this be, would it not? Fanfiction is known to many, who have went through the phenomenon of fanfiction itself. What is it really? It’s fiction created by fans of a certain movie, book, individual, etc. Those fans use existing elements of the listed segments and create their own world, henceforth, their …

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Writing dialogue: the many hues in front the path of redemption, the path of the future.

Writing Dialogue

If you’re just laying the ink upon the page, the stroke upon the screen, then surely you still haven’t collided with the wall of character dialogue. Creating dialogue is a sort of art, and for it to be beautiful, realistic and engaging, you just have to give your best and learn endlessly. Publishers will mostly …

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Bluehost – Web Hosting

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Elementor – Plugin for WordPress

Can Elementor edit any theme? Elementor with wordpress is the best combo on which one can easily stumble. Elementor without wordpress is like crippling your knees and trying to walk…